Protein Options - ($10/Person)

-3 Oz. Lemon Pepper Salmon

-3 Oz. Lite Cajun
Marinated Salmon

-3 Oz. Southwestern Grilled Salmon ($6/Person)

-Cajun Shrimp(4 Per Person)

-6 Oz. Southwestern Grilled Chicken ($5/Person)

-6 Oz. Balsamic & Herb Chicken

-Southern Fried Boneless Chicken ($6/Person)

-Lite Cajun Marinated Chicken


Sides ($2 Per Person)
-Sauteed Green Beans - With Red & Yellow Bell Pepper Medley
-Asparagus - Grilled
-Collard Greens - Southern Cooked
-Corn - Sauteed
-Steamed Farro -Sauteed With A Vegetable Medley
-Creamed Cauliflower
-Mashed Potatoes
-Pasta Salad
-Fruit - Seasonal Selection