Fun Soup Combinations

*This menu is only available Monday-Friday MORNING/AFTERNOONS for off-premise events. If you need information on in-house events and menu options please email us or call and speak with a manager. *


  • Mulligatawny (our signature soup)
  • Tomato Basil
  • Brunswick stew (roasted Chicken)
  • Chili (gluten Free)
  • Italian Chicken Vegetable (Gluten Free)

Soup and Salad

Approx $10 per person

Choice of salads

  • Cobb, California, Greek or Spinach

Soup and Sand

Approx. $10.50 per person

  • Assorted Sandwiches

Soup, Salad & Sandwich

  • Approx $11.25 per person

Soup & Pasta

  • Approx $10.95 per person

Soup Salad and Pasta

  • Approx $12.95 per person

Soup and Fajita Bar

  • Approx $10.95 per person

Soup and Slider Bar

  • Approx $10.95 per person

  • All come with Beverage